New installation of some Zubi valves in the world most modern fishing factory vessel Norwegian Gannet.

2018 November 23

149 units of  Valvulvulas Zubi SL T200 CF8M EPDM manual and pneumatic actuated knife gate valves are installed in the world most modern and revolutionary harvest vessel  Norwegian Gannet (Hav Line Group). The ship was built at Balenciaga in Spain earlier this year and baptized in May The boat is 94 meters long and can take up 1,000 tonnes of fish at a time. It will take 140 tours a year between fish farms along the west coast of Norway and Hirtshals (new salmon terminal has been built in the Danish port city). The boat can reduce road haulage with 7000 lorries a year.

Valvulas Zubi Management would like to thanks our Norwegian partner Brodrene Dahl for his excellent service/support given in the project.

Norwegian gannet

Norwegian gannet 1

zNorwegian gannet 2

Norwegian gannet 3

Norwegian gannet 4

Norwegian gannet 5

Norwegian gannet 6

Norwegian gannet 7