Unidirectional or bidirectional valves whose dimensions and design depend on the customer’s specific needs. These penstocks ensure watertightness on all three sides (at the bottom and the two sides), thanks to the closing seal located on the penstock seat. Square or rectangular sliding channel gate.

The materials used for manufacturing these valves are carbon steel and stainless steel. Other alloys can also be used on request. Suitable materials in contact with fluid (gates and seals) should be used. If unknown, Valvulas Zubi will recommend for each application the most appropriate valve and components.

Welded construction design.

The drives in the channel penstocks can be manual, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic, and are interchangeable.

Used for on-off or control applications in open channels.

* Valves manufactured following European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU.




Limit switches, proximity and magnetic sensors, solenoid valves, positioner 4/20mA, locking devices, extension, etc….