Valve bodies and valve parts are completely customizable previous to the final assembly of the valve. Special parts or finishes available on an extensive range of preexisting diaphragm, knife gate, check and penstock type valve developments.

Big range of valve colours and coatings available poliester, epoxy, C3, C4, C5.

Different flange connections ANSI150, PN16, JIS 5/10K, BSTD E & D among others.

Accessories such mechanical and proxy switches, visual position indicators, locking devices, positioners available.

Large variety of actuators: quick closing levers, spring to close/open pneumatics, gear box, electric multiturn actuators, hydraulics & special connections.

8 different spindle extension designs, underground bolted bonnet types knife gate valves.

General delivery between 2 to 10 weeks depending on stock availability, units, size & configuration.

Features & Benefits

Made-to-order customization requirements.

Optimal adaptability – delivery time ratio.

Over 8.500 developments available.

Knife gate, diaphragm, check and penstock type valves.

Valve drives and accessories available.