Valve manufaturing is a highly competitive business and with new technologies and valves coming on the scene. With this competition comes enormous pressure to improve efficiency, productivity maintaining high quality standards.

Valvulas Zubi a Trusted Partner where quality is everything. It is essential to control the full production steps that makes the Zubi valve an excellent quality product.

Our knife gate, diaphragm, check and penstock type valves are fully compliant with all relevant standards. Manufacturing processes are verified and recorded as well as the traceability of products through specific manufacturing orders and casting number.

Quality assurance and control

We employ several stages of quality control during the production process until final inspection.

Calibrated equipment to measure coatings allows us to verify thickness is adequate in each case.

100% tested valves

Decade after decade we have remained committed to our customers an end users offering a top quality valve.

We test 100% of our valves on a test bench using hydrostatic tests. We perform seal and body tightness tests. We also check the correct operation of all actuators / operators in every case.